Cocktail Foods to serve cold

Salmon pate & smoked Salmon,
Mediterranean vegetables,
Asian eggplant pate,
Pamela’s chicken liver pate.
$3.00 each
Poached chicken, aioli, almonds,
Mediterranean vegetables,
smoked salmon & crème fraiche.
$3.00 each
Pamela’s Ribbon Sandwiches$3.00 each per Ribbon

Minimum order of 1 dozen per savoury

Cocktail Foods to serve warm

Baby Quiche
Lorraine, Herb & Onion, Spinach.
$2.70 each
Pamela’s Meatballs, Tomato Relish$2.70 each
Spinach & Ricotta Triangles, Minted Yoghurt$2.70 each
Pork & Vegetable Spring Rolls, Soy Dip$2.70 each
Sweet Potato Balls, Chilli Coriander Sauce$2.70 each
Red Salmon & Potato Balls, Lime Mayonnaise$2.70 each
Chicken Breast Satay Skewers, Satay Sauce (gf)$3.00 each
Herbed Crumbed Chicken Breast Bites$3.00 each
Goats Cheese & Green Onion Tarts$3.00 each
Asian Sweet Corn Fritters, Coriander Cream$2.70 each
Old Fashioned Sausage Rolls, Tomato Sauce$1.70 each
Pork & Tofu Balls & dipping sauce (gf)$3.00 each
Thai Chicken Balls (gf)$3.00 each
Potato Frittata (gf)$3.00 each

Minimum order of 1 dozen per savoury

Platters on request

  • Sandwich platters
  • Sweet platters
  • Savoury platters
  • Cheese & Fruit platters